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Fans can watch live-streamed concerts on mobile devices or within existing metaverses like Sandbox or Stream Live's own Music Metaverse. They can purchase tickets to real-life events and unique VIP experiences exclusively available for purchase using MMT coins.

Key Features:

  • Access unique experiences that are only available for purchase with MMT coins.

  • Fans have the option to watch concerts for free by watching advertisements.

  • Option to subscribe to avoid advertisements and gain other perks.

  • Ability to interact with other fans and promoters before, during, and after the concert.

  • Fans can purchase MMT coins from the secondary market to (speculate on the utility of the coin?)


John, a fan of electronic dance music, can purchase MMT coins to buy tickets to a virtual concert by his favorite artist in the Stream Live metaverse. He can interact with other fans and the promoter during the concert, making it a unique and immersive experience. The ability to purchase tickets to exclusive events using MMT coins offers fans like John access to experiences that were previously unavailable, making it an innovative and exciting platform for music lovers.

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