Introducing MMT

Music Metaverse Token

$MMT (Music Metaverse Token) is a new and cutting edge utility token focused around the music industry, and even more specifically around the live streaming industry. As the native token for leading live streaming application, Streamlive, MMT provides an avenue for compensation for users participating in the world’s first decentralized concert promotion platform.

In essence, users who join the Stream Live application will have the ability to create their own digital concert halls and to invite their friends or followers. This gives them the opportunity to join together in the digital arena around live streaming music concerts and simultaneously enjoy a social experience with their circles of friends. For the first time, Stream Live has digitally replicated the previously intangible aspect of being able to enjoy live music with a community.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this equation is the way in which these decentralized concert promoters are rewarded for their efforts in creating digital concert halls and bringing a community together. This is where $MMT comes in.

Based on the number of fans each decentralized concert promoter brings to the Stream Live app and specifically to his/her concert hall within the app, a proportional number of $MMT tokens are earned by that concert promoter.

Released as an ERC20 Etherum based token it will be compatible across all EVM based protocols and its likely more chains in the future could be considered such as Polygon and BSC.

This token is an incentivisation and utility token that will be earn't through the unique Promote to Earn model. See the full Tokenomics for MMT.

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